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Happy Swimmers!

I just wanted to say thanks to the whole team, especially Lou and Luke. Euan has really struggled in the past with his confidence in the water which was why we stopped having swimming lessons in the past, he absolutely hated going. I am so impressed with how quickly Euan is progressing with Just Swim and how much his confidence generally is growing. And for the first time, he is happy to go to his swimming lessons. I know this is because of the kindness, encouragement and ability of the teachers. So a big thank you from me and from Euan. Jodie

I would just like to give a big thumbs up to the teachers at Just Swim based at Campsbourne school. I’m so impressed with their effective teaching style and how they empower children to swim so quickly and confidently. Their fun and always positive approach makes these after school activities a pure joy. Fee

Brilliant classes and lovely teachers. They clearly adore the children they teach and are so proud when they achieve something. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough! Lucy

Andy and his team are incredibly patient with all the kids, the lessons are far from stressful; they are relaxed and fun for the kids as well as for the parents! Bridget

Wonderful swim school, highly recommend! Laura

Andy and his colleagues have taught both my children (aged 6 and 4) to be confident in the pool. The team are able to encourage them both in different ways to learn to swim. I am always amazed by the progress they have made and the individual attention they get.  Zoe

We are delighted that their swimming has come on so much since joining JustSwim. They have both gained confidence and style and swimming is now one of their favourite pastimes instead of a weekly ordeal. They looking forward to being in a pool all day every day, so thanks so much for the great teaching. Sally