Dear All

Now that we are a few weeks into the new term I felt it was appropriate to write and ask your opinion about swimming at South Harringay and at Campsbourne Schools.

South Harringay Junior School

Parking – As you are all aware we are no longer allowed to park in the school playground on a Saturday afternoon and I am only too aware that the cost of street parking is high (Already had a fine myself).  I am sorry that this has occurred but it is obviously outside of my control. If you would rather swap days and times please do let me know.

This brings me to another issue.

On Sundays the Stage 3 and above class is too large (my partner Mickey has told me in no uncertain terms) and I have had one or two comments from parents. To this end, I have written to the school asking if it would be possible to extend our hire of the pool on a Sunday afternoon to 16.30. What I would then propose to do, is split this group in two and will try and accommodate your choice of time. I know that at times, it may not appear so, but my main aim is to provide a safe and happy environment for your children to learn and as ever I wish to make both swimmers and parents enjoy their swimming. The last thing that I want to do is not give the children adequate space and time to learn. Therefore could you please indicate to me which time you would prefer your child to swim at;




Campsbourne School

Following a discussion with the Head of the school the ‘large’ gates (if that is the correct term) will no longer be open for access. Instead access to the playground and pool can now be gained by the smaller gate immediately to the left hand side of the large gates as you look at the school. There is a latch at the top of the gate and would ask that all parents please close the gate after entry and on departure with the latch. We and the Head are concerned of access to/from the school premises and would really appreciate your help in this matter. Also please do wear the shoe covers or remove your shoes in the pool.

I just want to make you aware we still have places for after school swimming. Monday – Friday 16.00 – 18.00 as the weekends are busy.

Now for the Ladies – Luke is a qualified Fitness and Aqua-Aerobics instructor – would there be interest in a small class at Campsbourne in the evenings for a class with Luke for Aqua-Aerobics! Please let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you all