Please read the following information THOROUGHLY.

You must agree to all of the following new rules when booking onto Just Swim classes

As we all get used to life resuming once more with Covid-19 we want to reassure you that we are fully adhering to Swim England’s new guidelines based on government guidance.

In line with this we have adopted a raft of new procedures to keep us all safe and comfortable in our teaching environment which we have detailed below. This will be updated accordingly in line with any changes that are communicated to us going forwards.


We ask that anyone feeling ill or showing ANY symptoms of COVID 19 or any other illness should not attend the class and should follow NHS guidance.
Parents/carers are allowed in to watch the lessons and to help with changing, but please be mindful of social distancing and try and stick to one parent/carer per swimmer where possible.

Please wear face-masks whilst in the pool building at all times.

Please note that no outdoor footwear is allowed on poolside for both parents and children. If you are not able to go with bare feet then please bring along flip-flops/Crocs/similar to change into when entering the pool building. We are no longer offering shoe coverings in an effort to reduce our single use plastic consumption.

Please don’t forget to bring swim hats and goggles along with swim costumes (no bikinis please), and a towel to all sessions.

1. Illness

We ask that anyone feeling ill or showing ANY symptoms of Covid 19 or any other illness should not attend the class and should follow NHS guidance.

2. Session times

These are now extended to 35 minutes to allow for social-distancing and cleaning regimes. Anyone who arrives more than 5 minutes late to the start of a session will be REFUSED ENTRY. Actual teaching time in the water will be between 25 – 30 minutes.

3. Swimmers

We have limited our numbers to 6 or 8 per session dependent on venue and will run fewer lessons within the pool at any one time to allow for everyone to social distance. Capacity will be based on Swim England/STA and Government guidelines and will be continually reviewed.

4. Attendees

Children MUST be confident to be in the pool building without their parent/guardian for the duration of the 35 minute session.

5. What to wear

Swimmers must arrive ‘ready to swim’ wearing their swimming costume/trunks under a towel/towelling poncho/track suit etc. Swimming hats and goggles will need to be worn at all times and must be fitted before entering the building.

Children should wear Croc style shoes or flip flops and avoid shoes and socks. Footwear will be removed on entering the pool building and left at the entrance.

6. At the start of the session

Each parent must wait with their child on the socially distanced markers in the school playground until called forward by a member of staff.

Children must sanitise their hands at the main entrance. Sanitiser will be provided.
A member of Just Swim staff will ask if anyone has had any symptoms. If the answer is yes the child will be sent home immediately.

Parent/Guardians will leave their child at the door and will not be allowed to enter the pool building.
No-one must enter the building unless asked to do so by a member of staff.

All internal doors will be pinned back and open at all times to maintain air-flow.

7. Once inside the pool building

Children are able to leave their outerwear/robe in an allocated basket. The basket will be cleaned after each lesson.
Children will then be ready to commence their lesson and will be allocated a socially distanced mark on the side of the pool.

8. During the class

As per the guidelines the teacher will be teaching from the poolside to maintain social distancing at all times.

However, please be assured that your child’s safety is paramount and if required for any reason the teacher will enter the water.

Teachers will wear face visors and reception staff will wear face masks and gloves.

We will ensure that our swimmers have plenty of room and will meet all Swim England/STA and Government guidelines with regards to required space to swim.

9. Changing after the swim session

Each swimmer will return to their allocated basket and put their robes/clothes back on over their costumes. A member of staff will be available to assist with changing after the lesson if required.

10. At the end of the session

Children will be returned back to parents who will be waiting outside the pool building to ensure that social distancing is maintained. Once all swimmers have been returned to parents, our staff will clean the pool building to allow the next class to commence. This will ensure that there is no cross-over of swimmers entering/leaving the pool thereby adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Parents/Guardians and swimmers MUST leave the premises ASAP after the session to enable our staff to thoroughly clean the facilities for the next swimmers.

11. Cleaning and general health & safety

We will provide clear notices around the facility to remind everyone of Government advice. Our cleaning of the premises and equipment will adhere to Swim England / STA and Public Health England guidance.

No food or drink is to be brought onto the premises at any time. The toilet will only be used if absolutely necessary – please ensure that your child has used the toilet before leaving your home.

All current Government Social Distancing and Public Health England guidelines must be followed at all times by everyone using and entering our facilities.