In line with our usual practice we will still have the fun swim where you can join your child(ren) in the water but we thought we could also have a fun swim gala.

The gala will take place on Saturday 18th July at South Harringay Junior School during the afternoon and will be done on age groups – please see below for timetable.

We would ask you to book via email to register your child to compete and each swimmer will race twice (front crawl and back stroke). There will be a medals for the winners and each swimmer will receive a certificate.

14.00 – UNDER 5’s

14.30 – UNDER 7’s

15.00 – UNDER 9’S

15.30 – 10 and over

To secure place please email Luke

We really hope that your little ‘Michael Phelps’ will enter and please note that the emphasis is on fun!

Please note: There will be a registration fee of £2.00 per swimmer.